Work With Me

If you’re looking for some help with public relations, social media, event planning, writing, or editing for yourself or your business, I’m your girl.

Contact me at any of the below sources to start chatting about your needs. Pricing depends on the scale of the project, and can be done hourly or per project. An online portfolio of my work can be found here.

Sponsored post are available for $25 – $50, depending on your needs.

I always share with my readers that the post was sponsored, and am only open to doing unbiased reviews.

I am also available for guest blogging opportunities.


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You can also send me a note through the form below.

I’ve got a master’s degree under my belt, some pretty kick-ass writing skills, a commitment to making sure the completed work is above your expectations – and a millenial brain that knows sometimes, the way it’s always been done doesn’t work. I’d love to create something with you.



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