Tuesday Tidbits

This month is flying by. With the sunshine, summer plans, and job hunt, I am feeling more optimistic than I have in quite awhile. When I’m feeling optimistic, I tend to feel more creative and more interested in trying my hand at some new crafts, recipes and ideas.

Pinterest is my favorite site for inspiration. I now have over 5k pins across all of my idea boards, so I have tons to try! I do try to test thingsΒ  I come across on Pinterest often, so that I’m not just mindlessly pinning (although I won’t even claim to having used all 5k pins πŸ˜‰ ). You can check out my full Pinterest account here.

This week’s Tuesday Tidbits features some of the Pinterest links I’m looking forward to trying soon.

What I’m Loving This Week: Pinterest Ideas

β†’ Soon, I will be registering my car in the state of Oregon and getting new plates. The current Wyoming plates on my car have been there for over 11 years, and are vanity plates, so I’m little sad about it! I’m thinking of re-purposing them into a coat hanger like this one to keep them in my home.

β†’ Now that we have spruced up our tiny backyard, I’d love to make these adorable book bricks to add some life to the garden area.

garden crafts

Image via HomeTalk

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Tuesday Tidbits: Travel Tips & Ideas

Welcome to this week’s Tuesday Tidbits! As I will be taking a short weekend trip, I’ve been searching for some advice on packing and flying, as well as checking out adorable travel gear (for fun, of course – my unemployed self is currently only dreaming of even having disposable income). I love travel, and honestly find it strange when I haven’t been in an airport in awhile. Even though it’s only a quick trip home, I’m excited to be packing my bags for a few days.

What I’m Loving This Week:

β†’ The Every Girl has a great guide to preventing over packing. I have had a few instances where I’m biting my nails while the luggage scale continues to inch closer to that magical 50 pounds.

β†’ I’ve had this Kate Spade carry on bag hanging out in my Pinterest Wishlist board for awhile. I love the colors! Maybe someday….

kate spade suitcase

β†’ Food is one of the best parts of traveling to new places! Erin over at Her Heartland Soul posted this fantastic recap of the food she and her husband enjoyed on their recent trip to Puerto Vallarta. So many delicious photos!

β†’ I visited Victoria in British Columbia almost a decade ago, and remember so many beautiful sights. Now that we live not that far from Canada, I would love to go back.

β†’ Here’s one of my favorite photos from our New Year’s Eve trip to Miami. Our room had a perfect view of the ocean.miami beach


What are some of your top vacation spots?

intrusions of beauty

The Budget Inn – Rawlins, WY

Being unemployed means that I’ve been spending quite a bit of time in my hometown. While Rawlins is a small enough place that I pretty much know every nook and cranny already from growing up here, I have noticed a few places I’ve never gotten to explore in detail. Namely, abandoned buildings that I vaguely remember being operational when I was younger.


There are a good number of abandoned buildings and run down places in town, but one that has caught my eye as of late is the Budget Inn motel near where I live. I remember seeing hotel guests here at least when I was in elementary/middle school, and remember it being a different color at one point. The front portion of the site used to be a gas station before being converted into a motel. From my understanding, the motel was originally shut down due to a serious need for major renovations. The front office has a building permit from 2012 on the door, but any efforts to remodel the place have apparently been halted awhile ago. Continue reading