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Reading List | May 2015

Welcome to the May reading list at Intrusions of Beauty!

I love libraries, and love that they provide free reading material to the community. Literacy is something I’m passionate about, as well as making sure the next generation appreciates and loves reading. The local library near our house has become a wonderful resource for me. It’s free, within walkable distance, and has access to all the libraries in the county if they don’t happen to have what I’m looking for. Kevin and I have even enjoyed an afternoon reading and drinking coffee in one of their reading rooms with a gorgeous view of the surrounding area.

As I wrap up reading and reviewing April’s books, I have an awesome list to look forward to this month – most of which are library books.  I have another classic to check off my list, and a few books that I plan on using to help me with my latest volunteering project. I’m working with a wonderful nonprofit on growing their social media, and I’ve found a few books to give me some new ideas and tactics – one of which I used for my thesis last year! I’m looking forward to reading it again with a new perspective.

Reading List | May 2015


  • A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire #3) by George R.R. Martin || After last month’s The World of Ice and Fire, I’m ready to dive back into this series. Since I’ve seen the show through season 4, I have a pretty decent idea what’s coming up in this volume ( where I last left off, I hadn’t even reachea storm of swordsd the Red Wedding, so that should be “fun” to relive in print!). It has been interesting to see the differences between the show and novels, and I expect new details and side plots that didn’t make it to TV in this one too. Now, if I can just get Kevin caught up through season 4 of the show, we can start in on season 5!


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Book Review | The World of Ice & Fire – George R.R. Martin

the world of ice and fire reviewThe World of Ice & Fire: The Untold History of Westeros and the Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

Book Finished: April 8th, 2015

Rating: 4/5

A couple years ago, I had heard of Game of Thrones, but wasn’t that interested in the premise. I hold a proud stake in nerd-dom (my Ravenclaw banner hangs proudly by my bed, I frequent opening day showings of Marvel films, and I made a successful crusade to turn my boyfriend into a lover of the Lord of the Rings)- but something about GoT seemed just – meh. My sister (if I have a “stake” in nerd-dom, she has a castle) watched the first season of the series for a class in 2013, and was immediately hooked. She started the books soon after, and then spent a great deal of time prodding me to do the same. This past fall I finally gave in, and recently got my boyfriend into the TV show as well.

I got this book along with the five books that are out in A Song of Ice and Fire for Christmas. The book itself is gorgeous; it’s large with a soft cover, and filled with incredible artwork of the lands and characters that make up Westeros. As fans of this series know, the amount of characters the story follows can make it confusing to keep up with. I was hoping for a book that could serve as a reference guide as I continue to read the books and watch the show to help me remind me of who’s who. This book does achieve that, but not in the manner I anticipated.

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