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Hello Fresh Sample Week Unboxing

Thanks to my awesome Aunt Tink, Kevin and I got to try a free week of Hello Fresh last month. Hello Fresh is a meal subscription service that provides most of the ingredients for you, down to spices – you really only need to have cooking oils, butter, salt, etc. on hand. There are boxes for two people, four people, or families, and you can choose three, four, or five meals a week.

We had a lot of fun with our sample week! For foodies like us, this was a great chance to try some completely new recipes. If you’ve been wondering about trying out Hello Fresh, here’s a rundown of what was in our box and what we thought of the meals.

Our sample week included three meals for two people, which I thought was very generous for a sample size! Based on when I’d signed up for the free week, the box was delivered on a Saturday morning. It was a decent sized package that felt nice and cool as I picked it up.hello fresh

Upon opening, the box has two layers: a row of white boxes holding all the ingredients that don’t need to be kept as cool, and a bottom row lined with ice packs to keep the meats fresh. The top row of boxes was labeled with the recipe names, with one marked “make me first!” The meats all looked well kept, and honestly fresher than much of the meat we see at Walmart.

hello fresh review

hello fresh recipes

Each little white box had perfectly sized portions of each ingredient. All of the produce looked ripe and delicious -both of us remarked that the red pepper in the chimichurri steak box was huge!

hello fresh veggies

The box included a recipe booklet, printed on durable card stock- like paper that made it great for saving to use again. The booklet also had some smoothie vs. juice tips in addition instructions for each recipe. Our shipment included the items to make chimichurri steak, dukah roasted chicken, and shrimp and asparagus risotto.

hello fresh recipes

As suggested, we started off with the risotto. The other boxes and meats fit nicely into our fridge while they waited their turn. The recipe book is easy to follow as you cook, and has detailed instructions for some of the more advanced techniques. Each recipe is given a difficulty level; we found all three very easy to make.

While all three recipes were good, the risotto was SO good that it overshadowed the other two. We’ve recently discovered the joy of making risotto, and this recipe was somehow light and creamy at the same time. We will definitely be making this again. If you’re currently a Hello Fresh subscriber, don’t miss out on this one when it’s in the rotation next!

If you choose to subscribe to Hello Fresh, it’s not exactly cheap, but it’s not outrageously priced. Their meals, depending on the box, come out to about $9 and some change a meal. With our current shopping strategy, we’re sitting at about $5-$6 a meal, so this would be a bit more expensive for us to use regularly.

However, if you are super busy, cooking isn’t your favorite, you hate grocery shopping, or you live somewhere that fresh veggies are hard to come by, I would highly recommend this service! We are blessed to live somewhere with multiple farmer’s markets, but I still liked the convenience of the pre-packaged boxes.

Ultimately, for cost reasons, we decided not to become regular subscribers. Kevin also has celiac disease, making services like this hard for us to use unless they have a gluten free subscription. You can choose your meals each week from the selection if you’re a subscriber, but there’s no guarantee we could have three or more totally gluten free meals each time. In our free week, the chimichurri steak came with couscous, something Kevin can’t eat. It was easy to swap out for rice for him (and I had the couscous), but it would defeat the purpose a bit to have to do that all the time. Still, this was such a great experience that I could absolutely see us subscribing if a gluten free option becomes available, or maybe subscribing in the future and using a week here and there.

Do you subscribe to Hello Fresh or another service? I’d love to hear your thoughts!




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