Tuesday Tidbits | Favorites From Pinterest This Week

For this week’s Tuesday Tidbits, I thought I’d round-up some of my favorite pins from this past week. I try (ha) to not fall into the trap of pinning and never using – I’ve found some amazing recipes, cleaning tricks, and clothing pieces from Pinterest! Here’s what I’ve been pinning this week:

Tuesday Tidbits | Pinterest Favorites

→ My doctor recently recently recommended I check out their office’s Pinterest board for some healthy recipes. Kevin and I tried out this Southwest Stuffed Sweet Potato and holy cow is it amazing! We added some lean ground turkey to the recipe and it fit in well. If you’re looking for a little extra creaminess, I added a dollop of Greek yogurt on top of mine. It tasted and melted just like sour cream on a regular baked potato!

pinterest recipes

Photo from SkinnyMs.com

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hello fresh

Hello Fresh Sample Week Unboxing

Thanks to my awesome Aunt Tink, Kevin and I got to try a free week of Hello Fresh last month. Hello Fresh is a meal subscription service that provides most of the ingredients for you, down to spices – you really only need to have cooking oils, butter, salt, etc. on hand. There are boxes for two people, four people, or families, and you can choose three, four, or five meals a week.

We had a lot of fun with our sample week! For foodies like us, this was a great chance to try some completely new recipes. If you’ve been wondering about trying out Hello Fresh, here’s a rundown of what was in our box and what we thought of the meals.

Our sample week included three meals for two people, which I thought was very generous for a sample size! Based on when I’d signed up for the free week, the box was delivered on a Saturday morning. It was a decent sized package that felt nice and cool as I picked it up.hello fresh

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