Beauty Review | Eminence Calendula Oil

Though I haven’t jumped on the oil cleansing band wagon yet, I have done quite a bit of personal research into using oils in my beauty routine. I’m a big proponent of coconut oil masks for your hair, and I used to use a gel-to-oil cleanser from The Body Shop until they betrayed me and stopped making it ( 😦  ).

I currently use cleansers from Paula’s Choice and derma e that I’ve had great experiences with, so shifting to oil cleansing is probably not in my near future. However, thanks to a recent article on skin detoxing, I became interested in trying an oil as a moisturizer.


As I’m getting ready for the wedding, now seemed like as good of a time as any to get my skin where I’d like it to be. I do have a night time moisturizer from Paula’s Choice that works great, but the article mentioned the oil could be incorporated just 3 times a week. The article’s recommendation of calendula oil seemed like a great option for me, as I’ve been having unusual break outs and inflammation.

Calendula oil is derived from the flower of the same name, and can work as an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory for skin. Based on the article’s recommendation, and my previous experience at a spa that uses Eminence products, I went with Eminence’s Calendula Oil. You can get a bottle for about $28 from Amazon, or at a spa that uses Eminence.

calendula oil for face

I started using the oil 3 times a week at night as the last item in my routine. You can mix it into your regular moisturizer, although I use it alone; using it with my regular moisturizer seemed like a bit much for me. The 1 oz bottle may seem small, but 3 drops covers my entire face easily. It’s a rich gold color, and has a very light floral scent to it. I was worried about going to bed with an oily face, but it soaks in very quickly. It feels refreshing rather than goopy.

calendula oil for face

I have been using the oil for a few weeks, and the results are amazing! My skin feels extra soft in the morning, and my breakouts have been clearing up rapidly. I’m also starting to notice reduced redness and a more even skin tone overall.

If you’re interested in slowly adding in oils to your beauty routine, this is a great place to start. There are other face oils you can try, but the calendula is great in particular for “resetting” skin and clearing up any issues.

Have you tried face oiling? What’s your preferred type of oil?




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