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Project | Chalkboard Cutting Board

I am a sentimental fool, in all honesty.

I get attached to material items that are past their usage date, that I don’t have room for, that I absolutely do not need, simply because I end up nostalgic about memories tied to the item. Recently, this tendency reared its head in the form of a broken cutting board.

The wooden cutting board is one I bought near the end of my second Disney College Program in 2011 in Orlando, FL. I love the Disney kitchen collection and picked it up in addition to an adorable tea kettle, on the basis that they were more “usable” souvenirs of my time there. The items traveled with me to three states over the next four years, and were definitely more usable than some of the other knick-knacks I accumulated. That is, until the cutting board split apart slightly.

Kevin rightly told me the split made the cutting board harder to clean thoroughly, and it was just going to get worse. Still, my attachment to things is a force to be reckoned with, and I proclaimed I would find a new use for the cutting board so it wouldn’t have to go in the trash. Thanks to Pinterest, I came up with a craft project to save my cutting board, and add decoration to our apartment.

I decided to turn the cutting board into a chalkboard that I could hang in our kitchen and draw cute designs on for each new season. The project turned out to be a pretty simple process, with only one unexpected step.

chalkboard spray paint

As we already had a sanding block at home, the only supplies I picked up at Michael’s were a can of chalkboard spray paint and a pack of plain white chalk.

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