Book Review | Leave Your Mark – Aliza Licht

leave your mark by aliza lichtLeave Your Mark by Aliza Licht

Book Finished: August 2015

Rating: 5/5

This book was a breath of fresh air, right when I needed it the most.

Written by one of the most influential women in fashion and social media, Aliza Licht, this book covers how to launch your career, what challenges to expect along the way, and how to utilize social media platforms to their full capabilities. Licht was the voice behind the well known Twitter account @DKNYPRGIRL, which provided an anonymous look into the world of fashion public relations. The account was a major game changer in terms of what it means to be a brand on social media, and set the standard for engagement and interaction techniques.

As a PR girl myself, Licht is someone I greatly admire, even if my main interests aren’t in fashion. I’ve interacted with her on Twitter before, and she is approachable, kind, and engaging. She mentions in the beginning of the book that she is very interested in being a a mentor, and publishing her book was a major part of that goal. In my current job search, I’ve been able to network with some wonderful women in the Portland area, and was able to add Licht to my list of mentors after finishing her book.

Licht imparts advice via stories of her own rise through world of fashion and PR.  Her voice is fun, honest, and engaging. There is still plenty of great advice to be had even if you’re not in the public relations world, but you’ll have an extra connection if you are. This is particularly true with the social media chapters, as PR hopefuls will benefit most from the tips and tricks. Anyone can gain insight from the final section on building your personal brand online and in person.

Even as someone who has already gotten my master’s and done several internships, I learned a lot from this book. It provided a little ray of hope for me as I continue to push through job applications, networking interviews, and redrafting my resume with the thought that my dream job is waiting just around the corner. It also helped prepare me for some of the challenges I will likely face once I’m in my first “real” PR role.

Interestingly, the day I finished this book was the day the news broke that @DKNYPRGIRL is no more. Licht is leaving Donna Karan, and venturing out into new mentoring territory. The Twitter handle has been converted to @dkny, and will be going an entirely different direction. This is appropriate, because no one could truly fill @DKNYPRGIRL’s  shoes – Licht truly was the handle. I am eager to see where this new chapter of her career takes her.




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