Tuesday Tidbits

This month is flying by. With the sunshine, summer plans, and job hunt, I am feeling more optimistic than I have in quite awhile. When I’m feeling optimistic, I tend to feel more creative and more interested in trying my hand at some new crafts, recipes and ideas.

Pinterest is my favorite site for inspiration. I now have over 5k pins across all of my idea boards, so I have tons to try! I do try to test things  I come across on Pinterest often, so that I’m not just mindlessly pinning (although I won’t even claim to having used all 5k pins 😉 ). You can check out my full Pinterest account here.

This week’s Tuesday Tidbits features some of the Pinterest links I’m looking forward to trying soon.

What I’m Loving This Week: Pinterest Ideas

→ Soon, I will be registering my car in the state of Oregon and getting new plates. The current Wyoming plates on my car have been there for over 11 years, and are vanity plates, so I’m little sad about it! I’m thinking of re-purposing them into a coat hanger like this one to keep them in my home.

→ Now that we have spruced up our tiny backyard, I’d love to make these adorable book bricks to add some life to the garden area.

garden crafts

Image via HomeTalk

→ Anyone who knows me even mildly well knows I have an obsession with caprese. This watermelon and feta version looks like a refreshing twist that will go great with our next grilling night.

→ Oregon is the sixth state I’ve lived in in as many years, and I’ve left a little piece of my heart in each place along with people I love. I like the idea of these framed state maps for our living room.

state maps

→ Kevin’s favorite dessert in the world is creme brulee. If I can figure out a way to make these cupcakes gluten free, I’m sure he will love them!

Have a great week!

intrusions of beauty



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