Reading List | June 2015

I can’t believe it’s already June!

This means it’s already time for one of my best friend’s wedding, I’ve lived in Portland for 3 and a half months, and I’m ready to share my third monthly reading list on this blog.

The past month brought a few bumps in the road when it comes to reading. I haven’t been able to complete my May list yet. Part of this is due to my inability to get my hands on a copy of The Girl on the Train. I love having the library so close to home, but unfortunately, the book is still very popular. There are near 400 copies across the entire metro library system, and the wait list is still massive. As of this morning, I am number 531 on the waiting list. It’s going to be a while before a copy gets to me.

So, as soon as I am able to actually read it, you can expect a review here. This month’s list is a bit smaller while I continue to work on catching up for May.

Reading List | June 2015nonprofit social media

  • Social Media for Social Good, by Heather Mansfield | This book is another one of my “old friends” from m thesis research. The name Mansfield probably appears in my finished product about 8,000 times. I’m looking forward to reading it with a different set of eyes, and look for practical applications to my current volunteer work.
  • Beautiful Wreck, by Larissa Brown | Our local library system has a really cool summer reading program for adults. It’s free to participate, and we signed up last week. We got book review forms to fill out over the summer and use as entries for gift baskets, there’s lots of giveaways, and we even got to pick out a free book each when viking icelandwe signed up. The book selection included a lot of ARC editions of books, and work from indie publishers. Kevin chose a Food Network cookbook, and I went with this. The plot centers on a woman in the future Iceland who works on building Viking related environments for a virtual reality company. Somehow, she ends up transported to the actual Viking era. It’s an interesting premise, a book I’ve never heard of, and is signed by the author.
  • Leave Your Mark: Land Your Dream Job, Kill it in Your Career, Rock Social Media, by Aliza Licht | I’m also aliza lichtcurrently on the waiting list at the library for this brand new book (thankfully only number 8 in line), but it may be something I buy to have on hand later. Aliza Licht is the now well known voice behind the @DKNY twitter handle. The DKNY PR GIRL persona really set the pace for how brands use twitter to engage their audiences, and Licht’s identity was kept a secret for years. I’m really excited to learn from one of the top women in PR today and have been waiting for this to be published!


Happy reading!

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