Tuesday Tidbits: Tech

Welcome back to Tuesday Tidbits at Intrusions of Beauty!

Yesterday, I found out that I was accepted to the Django Girls’ upcoming workshop in Portland. Django Girls is an organization focused on providing free workshops to women interested in learning programming. The goal is to create more women coders, and provide new, tangible career skills. The workshops are only able to accept a limited number of participants, so you have to apply. I’m very excited that I will be participating next month! The workshop will cover building a website with Python and Django.

In honor of this opportunity, this week’s Tuesday Tidbits is tech news and goodies focused. Have a great week!

What I’m loving This week: Tech

→ Over at TechCrunch today, there’s an interesting article on Facebook messenger reaching 1 billion downloads on Android devices alone. Not bad for an app that caused unbelievable annoyance and outrage when it first launched.

→ As someone who is in perpetual state of irritation with my devices’ battery life, I am all for this potential wi-fi charging technology.



→ I got this skin for my laptop 2 years ago, and I have never stopped loving it.

→ Wired has a good discussion on why open-sourcing is no longer optional. Even for giants like Apple.

→ Check out this awesome GIF of every Iron Man suit from the Avengers/Iron Man films.


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