Book Review |Social Change Anytime Everywhere – Allyson Kapin & Amy Sample Ward

nonprofit social mediaSocial Change Anytime Everywhere by Allyson Kapin & Amy Sample Ward

Book Finished: June 3rd, 2015

Rating: 4/5

I had the opportunity to read a good deal of what’s available book-wise in the realm of social media and nonprofits during my thesis research. When I recently began a volunteer social media project for a local nonprofit, I looked to those same resources. I found some familiar titles, and searched for more recent information. Though not “recent,” it seems I missed this book in my research before. It may not have added anything groundbreaking to my particular research (more books aren’t necessarily better), but as a how-to manual, it’s a great read.

Social Change Anytime Everywhere focuses on social media’s capabilities for creating real action in your communities, rather than taking a broad look at how to use social media in a nonprofit setting. I could see the authors’ expertise in the area, and case studies are used to illustrate the major points of each chapter. For me, as someone who’s spent the time to understand why certain tactics are best from an academic standpoint, it was interesting to see situations where the principles had been applied in real life and what the results were.

I agreed with the authors’ perspective that organizations need to invest in staffing, planning, and financing for social media. They also provide a helpful guide to bringing management, coworkers, and donors on board with this concept. The book acknowledges the challenges nonprofits face in this regard, and how to address those obstacles.

The only point I found myself disagreeing with the text on was their insistence that mobile is the next big thing, and that mobile campaigns need their own staff person. This text was published three years ago (ages in the internet world). Mobile has shown to be helpful for emergency donation campaigns in times of disaster, but not much more. I also am aware of the potential for targeted communications through the Bluetooth on our cell phones that many organizations are interested in. However, the world is not quite ready for that.  The past year has shown Americans to be increasingly interested in privacy.

Overall, the text is a good introduction for those new to social media in this arena, and a good refresher for more advanced professionals. It’s certainly a book I can see myself referencing in the future.

What are your go-to social media resources and books?

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2 thoughts on “Book Review |Social Change Anytime Everywhere – Allyson Kapin & Amy Sample Ward

    • Natalie says:

      Thank you for stopping by, Amy! I found a lot of good info in your book. I really enjoyed the ton of voice through out.

      I followed you on Twitter, so I’ll be on the lookout for the next event. Would love to meet you as well!



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