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Memorial Day Trip to Cannon Beach, OR

I am so excited that I live so close to the Pacific Ocean now!

While our original moving goal was Southern California, we eventually expanded our search to all of the West Coast. The important thing was being within a short distance of the ocean. We were finally able to drive out to the coast on Memorial Day to enjoy the sea breeze.

I have only been to Lincoln City on the Oregon Coast before, so we were open to any of the beach communities near by. After a quick Google search, I discovered Cannon Beach, and saw that parts of The Goonies were filmed there. We headed out on Monday morning to check it out.


Cannon Beach is a small, beautiful community. It reminded me of Estes Park, CO – just next to the ocean instead of in the mountains. We spent first part of the day walking along the beach and taking photos. The defining part of the beach is Haystack Rock, which is definitely recognizable to anyone who’s seen The Goonies. Most of the rock itself and the base are off limits, as several types of wildlife use it for resting and nesting.

Once we’d had our fill of sand, we decided to head back to town for lunch. We entered the beach near several resorts, and the Wayfarer Restaurant is situated right next to this entrance. While a little pricey (but not out of character for a resort community), the food was delicious! Kevin had a gluten-free version of their fish tacos, and I had the albacore and avocado salad, both of which are made with local ingredients. It was relaxing to have refreshing food while at a table with a perfect ocean view.


After lunch, we walked about a half mile into the downtown area. There are tons of unique shops and restaurants, and at least 5 places to get ice cream! We stopped at a store called the Picnic Basket, which featured ice and cream and retro candy. We picked up a few treats and some ice cream, and made the trek back to the truck.

We really enjoyed our day trip, and have even talked about making a weekend trip there soon. There were tons of neat rentals, and we also found a cooking school we would like to try out. As it’s only 90 minutes from home, we will definitely be taking visitors out to Cannon Beach!

You can see more of our photos from the day in the slideshow below.

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