The Budget Inn – Rawlins, WY

Being unemployed means that I’ve been spending quite a bit of time in my hometown. While Rawlins is a small enough place that I pretty much know every nook and cranny already from growing up here, I have noticed a few places I’ve never gotten to explore in detail. Namely, abandoned buildings that I vaguely remember being operational when I was younger.


There are a good number of abandoned buildings and run down places in town, but one that has caught my eye as of late is the Budget Inn motel near where I live. I remember seeing hotel guests here at least when I was in elementary/middle school, and remember it being a different color at one point. The front portion of the site used to be a gas station before being converted into a motel. From my understanding, the motel was originally shut down due to a serious need for major renovations. The front office has a building permit from 2012 on the door, but any efforts to remodel the place have apparently been halted awhile ago.


Quite a bit of the place looks like the staff just up and left one day; most of the rooms still have furniture visible through the windows. I poked around a little bit, and took a series of photos of the Budget Inn recently, and found some really interesting sights. I wasn’t brave (stupid? adventurous?) enough to try any of the doors to see if I could actually get inside, but several broken or opened windows provided a good view. I was also hoping to find some wildlife living in the motel, but alas, that mission was unsuccessful.


I’m not sure what the future hold for the Budget Inn, as the owners seem to be in no rush to either fix it or demolish it. The slideshow below has my favorite shots from the afternoon. I’m hoping to take a look at more of the old buildings in town soon.

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