Book Review | City of Heavenly Fire (Mortal Instruments #6) – Cassandra Clare

9781442416895_email-1-265x400City of Heavenly Fire (Mortal Instruments #6) by Cassandra Clare

Book Finished: July 22nd, 2014

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Finishing a series is always a bit sad for me – even if it is a series that I actually thought was going to end three books ago and then surprise! We got three more.

Overall, I am a bit sad to leave these characters behind, and really enjoyed the journey through this book. However, there are a few notes I have to make.

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Gluten-Free Pumpkin Muffins

Note: Sorry for the terrible iPhone 4 photos. The Canon did not want to come out to play 😦

I love summer, I really do. I prefer the heat and would be completely fine if it only ever snowed Christmas day. But by far, my favorite time of year is fall (and not just because my birthday is at the end of September.) I love the changing leaves, Halloween, and excuses to dump pumpkin and pumpkin spice in everything. Yes, I am one of those people.

Though it’s the middle of July, I still get cravings for pumpkin treats. Last fall, I discovered a great recipe for pumpkin doughnuts that was just fantastic. With a few tweaks to the recipe, I was even able to make a batch for my Celiac boyfriend, who ate the entire dozen in one evening. Since I had a craving, what better opportunity to tweak the recipe a bit again and make muffins he could have for breakfast during his busy mornings before work? Continue reading

Long Exposure Fireworks

One of the best things about small town life happens every Fourth of July. Where larger cities have bigger fireworks budgets and can even do shows coordinated to music à la Disney, small town fireworks offer the ability to stand practically right underneath the explosions. This means a great view and the unique experience of firework debris landing in your hair. And an opportunity for photography.

This year, myself, my boyfriend Kevin, and a few good friends watched the show at my boyfriend’s dad’s bar and restaurant, which was hosting a parking lot party. Their lot had a direct view of the fireworks, and gave us a great chance to play around with Kevin’s Canon Rebel T3i and try some long exposure photography. All of the shots are unedited, aside from the addition of the border. (click for larger versions)

Testing out our techniques on our drinks - and got a neat ghost bottle effect!

Testing out our techniques on our drinks. Ghost bottles! We achieved this by using a 25 second exposure, and removing the bottles one at a time.

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